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Overview of the Eye Hospital, WMU

Author: From: Department of International Collaboration and Exchanges Time: 2018/9/17 14:32:48 [Print]

The Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University was established in 1998 and was later approved by the government to be the provincial eye hospital in 2009. It is now the one and only Tier 1 Grade A specialty hospital in Zhejiang province with a Wenzhou headquarter, and 2 branch hospitals (Hangzhou Branch and Zhijiang Branch). Over the development of 20 years, the Hospital has built its own six–in-one integrated eye system of medical care, education, research, industrial translation, public welfare and mission advocating.

Medical Care

The Eye Hospital of WMU is the National Key Base of Clinical Specialty Development. In 2017, the number of outpatient reached 800,000, and surgeries over 55,000. The hospital is home to comprehensive departments. Currently we have over 19 subspecialties along with 6 clinical treatment centers. Specialties including Optometry, ENT related department, LASIK Surgery enjoy a major impact at home and abroad. The hospital vigorously responds to the new medical reform through innovative development of general eye clinics, joint management of complex eye diseases and specialty experts teams to provide safe, efficient, and effective care to the public.

The Hospital took the lead in establishing a provincial specialist alliance and medical consortium. Over 69 institutes and 3 hospital alliances have joined in to conduct collaboration in clinical diagnosis, distance medicine and disciplinary development, so as to promote the eyecare in China. In 2009, the Hospital was honored the National Advanced Health Institute Award and National Advanced Educational Institute Award.

Education and Training

Integrating traditional Ophthalmology with contemporary Optometry, the Hospital is the first to initiate the Optometric Medicine major which has been widely recognized in the world as the “China Wenzhou Model”. Under the same consolidated management, the Eye Hospital and the School of Ophthalmology and Optometry dedicated jointly to the development of higher education and talent training. Currently the School offers a variety of comprehensive and globalized programs including the Three-Year Undergraduate Program, the Four-Year Undergraduate Program, the Five-Year Undergraduate Program, the “5+3” Program, the China-US Joint MS/OD Program and Continuing Education.

We are the chief editors of 29 national standard textbooks. The School has received a number of honors including the National Pilot Base of Innovative Training Model, the National Education Team Model, the National Academic Program Base, etc. The faculty teams of the School have been honored the National Faculty Team Model Award (i.e. Huang Danian Award). In addition, we boasts many national bases including the National Continuing Education Base and National Standard Specialists Training Base (both approved by the National Health Commission).

Scientific Research

Our Hospital ranks No.1 in academic impact and No.2 in technological influence in 2017 China’s Most Influential Medical Institutions Ranking (Ophthalmology) and has held the highest position in Nature Index’s ranking among eye hospitals. Our position as the largest, top-level pioneer in vision science research cannot be achieved without our predecessors’ contribution. They invented the National Compulsory Standard Visual Acuity Chart, which won the  National  Science Award in 1978. Today, we are home to State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Optometry and Vision Science, and the National Engineering Technology Research Center of Ophthalmology & Optometry. It is the only eye institute in China that boasts both a state key lab and a national research center.

The Hospital attaches great importance to a number of national research funds and grants. We have received many national level awards for scientific advancement including 2 First Prizes of 2017 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award.

Industrial Translation

Devoting to clinical and research translations, the Hospital has earned much national support from major grants for research and development, including the porgam for a GCP research platform. Our self-developed LASIK instrument has been registered with the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). The Hospital has 8 instrument translation programs that were shortlisted in the 2016 National Key Technological Transformation Program.

The Wenzhou Institute of Biomaterials & Engineering, jointly built and managed by our Hospital under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has now grew to be a major platform for talent attraction as well as industrial transformation and upgrading across the region.

Talent Building

The Hospital widely introduces and trains high level talents. The Ophthalmology Precision Medicine Talent Base is highly recognized by the authority with a number of Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Team Programs. With 16 of our faculty being leading members of Chinese Medical Association (CMA) in Ophthalmology, we now have the most members and subspecialties in CMA.

Our Hospital, as a key talent platform, gathers many national level talents, including 5 National Thousand Talent, 1 National Overseas Thousand Talent, national level Outstanding Young Talent, 1 Changjiang Scholar and 3 receiving State Council Special Allowance. Over 120 faculty staff is enrolled in talent programs    of    the    Ministry    of    Science    and    Technology,    National  Health


Commission, The Ministry of Education and provincial government.

Public Welfare

Our Hospital widely engages in a number of charity funds of blindness prevention and control to promote public wellbeing. Over a decade, our programs including Special Olympics Program and Brightness Program have provided free eye examination and treatment to over 1 million population in remote areas across 15 provinces. We coordinated many charity missions in low vision rehabilitation and child blindness treatment. The Tibetan Brightness  Project aims to conduct general screening and train advanced medical partioners in Tibetan plateau where medical resources are scarce. The Hospital’s devotion was highly recognized with a number of national honors including the Chinese Charity Award, the greatest award of its kind.

The Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University is devoted to the mission of providing comprehensive, high quality care in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of eye diseases. In pursuit of the mission, we continuously push the boundaries to build the world class eye system with greater openness, determination and performance. We are fully convinced that the mission will be accomplished through our joint efforts, intelligence, diligence and perseverance. 

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