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Division of Ophthalmic Genetics

Author: From: Time: 2018/9/27 9:01:16 [Print]

Division of Ophthalmic Genetics, Laboratory for Stem Cell & Retinal Regeneration (Jin Lab)


Inherited retinal dystrophy is a group of monogenic, vision-impairing diseases including retinitis pigmentosa (RP), Stargardt's disease, cone dystrophy or cone-rod dystrophy, etc. The common manifestation is a pathological change in rod and/or cone photoreceptor cells, which are the specialized and light-sensitive neurons in the retina. We are dedicating to make efforts on elucidating the disease mechanisms of RP, translating laboratory technology to improve bedside outcome, and solving key basic problems together with retina specialists. The major technologies in our laboratory include clinical genetics and new capture sequencing, molecular biology, pluripotent stem cell & differentiation, experimental animal models.

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