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Neural Microcircuitry Research Laboratory(NMRL)

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Neural Microcircuitry Research Laboratory(NMRL)


Team members

Principle Investigator: Yun Wang PhD

  1. Dr. Yun Wang, Neuroscience PhD, Master Tutor. Postdoctoral career in neuroscience at Yale University in the United States during 2001-2004,Then she join at Tufts University in United States as an associate researcher in the period 2004-2013.She is one of the main researchers of Blue Brain Project and Human Brain Project funded by the European Union (EU).Returned to Wenzhou Medical University establish a Neural Microcircuitry Research Laboratory (NMRL) in 2011,and led them to join in the Brain project in EU.

  2. Lab Staff: Xiu-Li Kuang, Yao-Yao Li

Scope of Research Propasal

  1. Study of neuronal morphology and classification in neural microcircuitry based on 3D reconstruction technology in the whole brain, such as cerebral cortex, sub-cortical region and visual pathway, and to explore how changes in neuronal gene expression affect the morphology of neurons

  2. Study the neuronal changes in the retina and visual cortex during the pathological condition, such as Alzheimer`s, epilepsy, Myopia, and Amblyopia, etc

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