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Clinical & Epidemiological Eye Research Center/State Drugs Clinical Trial Institution

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Clinical & Epidemiological Eye Research Center/State Drugs Clinical Trial Institution

In view of the present situation of ophthalmology research and clinical development in China, The Affiliated Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University is acutely aware of the importance and urgency of clinical research. In 2012, the first domestic ophthalmology clinical and epidemiological research center was established. The center collaborates with a network of international ophthalmologic organizations and is equipped with functional evaluation equipment for clinical research and clinical drug trials. At present, the center has a full-time staff of 35 people. After 5-years of development, the center has built a robust infrastructure capable of clinical information collection, data management, data analysis, digital reading, project management, quality control, and biological specimen storage. It is currently the largest and most complete ophthalmologic department of clinical research.

In 2014, the center was awarded a major new drug creation platform from the Ministry of Science and Technology (there are only 3 Chinese ophthalmologic entities that receive this support): Drug Clinical Trial Technology Platform, Certificate No. 2014ZX09303301. In 2017, the hospital passed all inspections for project construction and perfected the clinical research and evaluation system to establish one of China’s only ophthalmologic Stage I Clinical Trial centers.

In November 2015, the Eye Hospital Ethics Committee collaborated with the World Health Organization Asia Pacific Ethics Committee Forum and the Ethics Review Committee Capacity Development Initiation Strategy to obtain WHO FERCAP/SIDCER certification. The Clinical & Epidemiological Eye Research Center is the only Chinese ophthalmology research center to obtain international ethical certification units.

The Clinical & Epidemiological Eye Research Center is guided by the values of service, sharing, unity and efficiency. These values drive our researchers to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical research in light of international norms. Our mission is to ultimately advance the clinical and public health practice of ophthalmology.

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