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Distance Eliminated by 5G Technology for Ocular Patients Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University to Rollout 5G Telemedicine Service

Author: Zhang Yuan From: Time: 2019/4/17 15:46:44 [Print]

 “This is so convenient!” It has never occurred to Mr. Ma in Xinjiang that he could shorten the long and tedious road trip to receive treatment from nationally renowned eye doctors thousands miles away via the telemedicine program at the local community hospital. On April 8th, 2019, the Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University initiated telehealth service in ocular treatment. Doctors are now well-equipped to provide face-to-face real-time medical service to patients despite geographical distance. This service is the first 5G tele-eyecare attempt in China.


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Telemedicine is not a new concept. With 4G LTE, several remote medicine programs have been launched; however, lag time hinders smooth implementation, which cannot be tolerated in the medical sector. A 5G network virtually eliminates that. Higher speeds, lower latency, wider bandwidth and greater power efficiency of 5G connection by China Mobile has totally changed the landscape. The advanced network coverage has connected Wenzhou with hospitals and community clinics in Xinjiang, Sichuan and other rural areas. 

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High speed and reliable connectivity through 5G enables real-time, high definition videos to assist medical service, making health service accessible for rural populations and patients with limited mobility.

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“In the past, our doctors had to make a tedious journey to deliver medical care in remote locations. Today, with the 5G telemedicine technology, we break the physical barriers and bring the patient to the senior doctors 4,000 kilometers away.” Professor Qu Jia, President of the Hospital, commenting on how the new interconnected model actually transfers quality health resources and expertise to remote and rural population, reducing the cost while improving the experience for patients.

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With the burgeoning 5G technology, the Hospital will continue to tap its full potential and explore all the possibilities of integrating with IoT and big data AI technology to extend its application in remote patient care, remote supervision and remote clinical training. 

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