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Learning from Lei Feng

Author: Zhao Haoqi Draft: Ashley Lin From: CCP General Affairs office Time: 2019/5/8 16:49:47 [Print]

Our hospital held the "National Learning from Lei Feng Model organization" event.

    The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, on the eve of this year's “Learning from Lei Feng day,” awarded Wenzhou Medical University the title of Learning from Lei Feng Model Institution and Model Workplace, making it the fifth institution nationally to receive the honor.. It is the first eyecare-related institution in the nation and the second in Wenzhou to receive this award.



    On the afternoon of April 15th, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and Wenzhou Medical University jointly held the “National Learning  From Lei Feng Day” in the Eye Hospital of WMU. The event called institutions and staff from all different levels to continue to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng,  and promote core values of socialism and let it shine into every aspect of our lives, putting forth a significant contribution to the overall development of Wenzhou.




    “National Learning From Lei Feng Model Institution”  educational promotion event commenced with the “Lei Feng: A True Role Model” flash mob



    Dr. Qu Jia, the President of Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, shared his thoughts. The Eye Hospital, from the beginning, has placed a great importance on the “Learning From Lei Feng” initiative. We have integrated the learning and carrying on of his spirit deeply into the practice of faculty, students and employees being alike. The launching of projects such as the “the Brightness Delivery Project”, the “Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai Brightness Project,” and by each of their participating faculty illustrate Lei Feng's spirit in all aspects of life.  Being honored as the fifth “Learning From Lei Feng Model Institution” is not only the honor of the Eye Hospital’s faculty, but it is an acknowledgment to the 20 years of the carrying on and spreading of Lei Feng’s spirit and an encouragement to the tireless persistence given to public welfare in vision science. In the future, the school and the hospital will continue to use its unique combination of ophthalmology and optometry in the name of public welfare to provide vision care for people from all walks of life with enthusiasm and undertake the responsibility for the prevention and eradication of blindness and ceaselessly carry on Lei Feng's spirit.


    Wenzhou Medical University’s Chancellor, Head of CPC WMU Eye Hospital Committee, Dr. Chen Yan Yan presented her report on the “Learning from Lei Feng.” Dr. Chen introduced the work she has done at the eye hospital in the spreading of “Lei Feng's spirit”  and the realization of the socialisms core values. She emphasized that Lei Feng's spirit in one aspect is the manifestation of dedication in the workplace, in another aspect is a manifestation of our concern for groups lacking the necessary funds for eye care which are all live representations of socialist values. We will continue to actively carry forward volunteer services to show our care for the community, actively implement the strategies for improvement of the nation, and continue to realize Lei Feng's spirit and give everything in our power for the betterment of humanities eyesight.


    Wenzhou Medical University Party Chancellor, Dr. Lu Fan gave a speech. She thinks, “small eyes are the window to a big heart” and “Lei Feng's spirit” at their core promote a similar message. They are both about entirely giving oneself to the service of others and emphasizing selfless contribution. Wenzhou Medical University’s affiliated eye hospital has always used its unique model to tackle the high demand for vision care for all people regardless of economic background despite limited resources. In doing so, WMU has launched numerous public welfare programs in China with significant national impact promoting the “Learning from Lei Feng” public welfare treatment model. She believe’s that Wenzhou Medical University’s public welfare vision health mission will continue to persist taking comrade Lei Feng as our role model, implementing and promoting “learning from Lei Feng” and realizing our dream of “bringing light to every person.” 



   The head of Wenzhou’s Standing Committee and Marketing Department, Ms. Hu Jianjin also shared essential words. Ms. Hu pointed out that anyone can learn  from Lei Feng's spirit and can apply it to any situation. It is of immense value, and it is the movement of the new age. Wenzhou is a city teeming with compassion, and its esteemed yet amiable medical community are a reflection of this. For many years, using Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University and School of Optometry and Ophthalmology as representatives of its medical community, through its prevention of and treatment of illnesses, medical expert training, and medical technology development has been a positive impacting force. At the same time, the eye hospital has birthed a medical brand with renowned fame, high recognition and significant societal impact that continues to spread goodness throughout the world. The eyes are the windows to the heart. Thus, the eye hospitals work truly is the healing of peoples hearts. She believe’s that under the guidance and hard work the eye hospital, Wenzhou’s work in public welfare will indeed continue to blossom. Ms. Hu also expressed her wishes for the eye hospitals future “Learning from Lei Feng” events: This first is to continue holding to our stations inspiring people through our passionate effort in the spreading of Lei Feng's spirit and the contributions we make doing so. The second is to ensure that the Lei Feng's spirit will continue to be passed down to future generations and that his example may become a societal norm that inspires more public welfare events transforming Wenzhou into renowned for its compassion.  



    Wenzhou’s standing committee and Marketing department, Ms. Hu Jianjin and Wenzhou Medical University Party Chancellor Dr. Lu Fan on behalf of Wenzhou Medical University’s affiliated eye hospital receiving the “National Learning from Lei Feng model institution” Plaque.



Wenzhou Medical University party committee member, vice dean Dr. Cao Jainming hosted the event.





    Apart from this,  Ms. Hu Jianjin took a tour of the Eye Hospital’s volunteer service lobby, Hospital history museum, and vision science museum.


   As for the task ahead, Wenzhou Medical University’s affiliated Eye hospital will continue the studying and carrying out of the spirit of Chairman Xi Jinping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We will hold fast “The four awarenesses,”  hold fast To “the four confidences,” and put forth our most significant effort to foster and promote the core values of socialism while  tenaciously striving for that which is good and a society founded in integrity  and honesty. We will use our position as “Learning from Lei Feng Model institution” as an opportunity to launch more events similar to learning from Lei Feng. Regardless of whether it is in the workplace or our daily lives, We will continue to strengthen the education of Lei Feng's spirit and implement it into the fabric of faculty, students and staff alike.  For we are the heirs and keepers of this selfless tradition started by Lei Feng and we will assure of its passing down making a significant contribution to the public welfare effort in vision science.

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