Pathology Clinic Opened in Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University
  Release Time:2022/5/6 21:24:56

To bridge between science and clinical medicine and provide access to pathological consultation for patients in need, the Eye Hospital has recently opened pathology clinic. This clinic provides patients pathological consultation services related to pathology diagnosis, prognostic assessment and therapeutic/treatment implications.


When should an appointment with pathology clinic be considered?

Here are four scenario examples in which you may consider having pathological consultation service at the Eye Hospital:

1. For patients who have surgery performed at Eye Hospital

- In pathology clinic, the pathologist will help you understand your postoperative pathology report and provide suggestions for your follow-up treatment plan.

2. For patients who have post-surgery follow-up examination or treatment at Eye Hospital

- You should bring biopsy sample and previous pathology report when visiting pathology clinic. The pathologist will offer personal pathological consultation service and provide you the information relevant to your treatment plan.

3. For patients who have an indeterminate pathological diagnosis at outside hospital

- You should bring pathology report and H&E slides from original hospital and also bring paraffin block(s) or unstained slides if possible. The pathologist will try the best to render a definite pathological diagnosis, likely with additional tests.

4. For patients who need detailed explanation of pathology report.

- You should bring pathology report and provide relevant clinical information. The pathologist will help you to have a better understand of pathology report and answer your questions.


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